The ULTIMATE Dance Challenge 

Rules and Regulations


  • Canadian Dance Challenge is a family friendly event all routines must be appropriate in costuming, choreography and music. 
  • Upon entering for Canadian Dance Challenge it is recognized and agreed that Canadian Dance Challenge is not responsible or liable for any damages, lost of stolen items or injuries that may occur at our event. Dancers compete at their own risk 
  • Canadian Dance Challenge rules will be enforced on an individual basis.
  • Parents, Dancers and Studio Staff are not permitted to talk to judging panel. This could result in disqualification. 
  • All issues must be addressed with Canadian Dance Challenge staff member directly. 


  • Music must be submitted the morning of the competition on CD's. Please be sure to have all CD's properly labeled with studio, name of routine.
  • Music should be properly cued and cut. Canadian Dance Challenge is not responsible for ending music on cue. 
  • CD's should be 1 (one) song.
  • Be sure to have back up CD's. Canadian Dance Challenge is not responsible if your CD does not work.
  • Marks will be deducted if there is foul language in the song, or it is not age appropriate. 


  • Any form of photography or videography is strictly prohibited. This rule is enforced to keep dances safe, and protect the choreographer. Failure to comply will lead to studio disqualification.
  • Canadian Dance Challenge reserves the right to use and photos or videos taken at our event for promotional materials. 
  • We work hard to bring you reputable vendors (i.e photographers/videographers). However, we will not be held responsible for any financial losses or unfulfilled orders. 


  • Dancers may not compete against themselves. However studios may compete against themselves if 50% of dancers are different
  • All prize money is awarded to the studio in form of cheque 
  • A studio representative must be present during final awards. This could result in shipping charges to studio for CD's, awards, cheques etc. 
  • Should a dancer require a second attempt they will not be eligible for overalls (Novice excluded)
  • Judges decisions are final 
  • All ties will be broken by judges
  • Should the age of a competitor be disputed studio director is responsible for providing birth certificate for proof of age.


  • All registrants will be on a first come first serve basis. We do have limited entrees
  • Spaces are held with a $250 dollar deposit 
  • Ages are determined as of Dec. 31st, 2013. Competitors must register into their age category or up. 
  • There will be a 10% late charge if fees are not paid by Jan 31, 2014
  • Canadian Dance Challenge reserves the right to add/subtract days for any reason. Should there not be enough registrants we reserve the right to cancel any event (60 day notice)
  • No refund is given should a studio be disqualified for inappropriate behaviour
  • There is a $30.00 NSF fee
  • To be entered fees must be paid in full by studio cheque payable to Canadian Dance Challenge. We do not accept post-dated cheques.
  • No refunds are given once fees are paid. A credit for the following year will be given in the case of illness (Doctors note is required)
  • Additional entrees after final schedule is distributed will not be eligible for overalls 
  • Refunds will not be distributed in the rare case of a sudden cancelation due to any 'Act of God' (i.e extreme weather conditions). 

Backstage/Dressing Rooms/Props:

  • Studios are expected to keep dressing rooms neat and tidy
  • Dressing rooms will open 1 hour prior to the first routine. 
  • Competitors should be ready 1 hour prior to performance should we be running ahead of schedule
  • Dance teachers and prop assistance are allowed back stage all others will be asked to leave. 
  • Dancers are not allowed back stage unless they are performing in 4-5 numbers. 
  • All entrees are required to check in with our back stage manager five (5) routines prior to performance 
  • Canadian Dance Challenge welcomes theatre friendly props. Props must be placed and removed within 2 minutes (Please contact us for production size props). PROHIBITED PROPS: No dangerous props to be used on stage, such as fire, swords or knives. Props must be freestanding. Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theatre fly bars or special lighting is not to be used. Helium balloons must have a weight attached; special fog, and smoke are not permitted. Larger props are to be handled by the studio. Canadian Dance Challenge staff is not responsible for any props. If the stage is littered after your performance with feathers, confetti, etc, you should be prepared to remove it immediately following the routine. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, or glitter may be used that would affect the dancing surface. Failure to comply could result in routine being "Adjudicated Only"

Candadian Dance Challenge encourages all dancers, staff and parents to do their best, be kind to each other and practice good sportsmanship